Industrial doors

Industrial Sectional Doors WINDOORS ® - SIPU

WinDoors ® - SIPU  is an industrial sectional door of outstanding quality. It is made of sandwich panels 40 mm thick, thermally insulated high density polyurethane foam. The panels have a STUCCO or WOODGRAIN finish highly more

Industrial Sectional Doors WinDoors ®- SIV

WinDoors SIV is an industrial door made of sections of 40mm thick extruded aluminum profiles assambled in frames and 3mm polycarbonate glazing (simple or double). The inferior section is made with an thermally insulated more

IMPL - Folding door

Folding door is formed of side panels with a thickness of 50 mm and heel, internal galvanized steel profile size 20/10.
     The doors are covered (coated) full sheets obtained by continuous rolling process followed by more

PVC Swinging Door PM-W

Special flexible PM-W doors with one or two wings are specially designed for corridors with frequent passage. They are ideal for the food industry but also for other industries, as they are designed to minimise the air exchange. If installed more

Delta Fire Rated Door

The latest model in the range of fire-doorsets, the DELTA pedestrian fire rated door is a security door featuring the most advanced technological innovations, and a structure similar to that of the rest of doors in the same range. The more

INSTANT PASS High Speed Folding Door

Instant Pass este o usa plianta rapida speciala pentru exterior, eficienta impotriva intemperiilor. Cortina din PVC este echipata cu ramforsari transversale construite din fibra de sticla in tevi de otel pentru o rezistenta adecvata. more

Interior Swinging Door PM-G

PM-G is a double action swing door recommended for corridors through which many heavy material is moved. Air flows remain in the room for which they were intended due to this swinging door. Temperature fluctuations are limited to a minimum if the more

Turia fire rated door

TURIA metalic pedestrian fire rated door is characterized by its great versatility, both the frame and the leaf of this range of doors are manufactured in different finishes, in accordance with the requirements of specific projects, and more

Ensamblada multipurpose doors

The metalic multipurpose Ensamblada door owes its name to the manufacturing system developed by Andreu and patented in 1974. Later on, this design, based on a new solderfree door assembly technique, was adopted by the steel door market and more

Univer Fire Rated Doors

Univer, Ninz is a metalic pedestrial fire rated door (REI 30,60,90,120) produced in both single-leaf and doubleleaf versions as well as a sliding door. Univer pedestrian fire rated doors are available in standard sizes or special sizes, more


Interior high speed door certificated for clean rooms recommended in pharmaceutical and food industry.

HERMETIC-ROLL high speed roll-up door is provided with s safety photocells system attached to the profile. 


Hermetic Cold Room Hinged Door

The hermetic hinged door is  recommended in industrial area where food is processed, especially for refrigerator rooms. The swinging hinged door has a stainless steel circular depolishing finish. Advantages: glass window, perfect more

Strip Curtains

Strip doors in transparent plastic are the cheapest and the fastest solution to divide small or large rooms. The strips of these doors are made of transparent or coloured plastic in full or partial overlap and are supported by fixed or sliding metal more

Proget Fire Rated Doors

Proget pedestrian metalic fire rated doors of REI 60 and REI 120 are manufactured both in single-leaf and doubleleaf versions, even sliding doors. Proget pedestrian fire rated doors are available in standard sizes or more

Rever Multipuprpose Metalic Doors

Rever Multipuprpose Metalic is produced both in single-leaf and doubleleaf versions. Rever Multipuprpose Metalic Doors are available in standard or special sizes, with a considerable colour range to choose from. Both the door more

Recommended products

Automatic Swinging Door Smart Drive 1101 Automatic Swinging Door Smart Drive 1101

Smart Drive 1101 is an operator for swing doors manufatured in Swizerland by Tormax Automatic

Automatic Opener for Sliding Gates MyStrike 5 Automatic Opener for Sliding Gates MyStrike 5

Proteco MyStrike 5 - Automatic gate opener for sliding gates with remote control

Hormann Berry up-and-over garage doors Hormann Berry up-and-over garage doors

Hormann Berry up and over garage doors, for unheated or ready made garages