Accessories for gates

PVC rack for sliding gates

Rack to be installed on sliding gates for automation. The material (PVC) ensures a silen operation of the gate.


Fadini Remote Control

Fadini Astro and Jubi remote controls operates on 433.92 MHz frequency, having a transmission range of over 120m.

These remote controls are available with 2 or 4 channels and emit a different secret code upon every pulse; the more

4 Channels PROTECO Remote Control

4 Channels PROTECO Remote Control, 433 MHz is used for operating gate openers and garage doors more

TAU 250K Slim Remote Control

TAU remote controls have a range up to 200m in open air, are easy to be programmed and use up to 281.000 code combinations.

Tau remote controls have 2 or 4 transmitter channels abd use the 433.92 MHz frequency


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Fire courtains Fire courtains

Fire courtains to stop fire and smoke spreading. Fast closure by gravity deployment upon receipt of a fire alarm signal