Sliding gate openers

Automatic Opener for Sliding Gates BIG

BIG series - automatic openeres for sliding gates manufactured by Tau, Italy, are especially produced and designed for heavy industrial sliding gates up to 4000 kg.

The automatic openers for sliding gates from BIG series are the following more

Automatic Opener for Sliding Gates MyStrike 5

Sliding gates opener Kit Proteco MyStrike 5 including: 230 V gear motor  with control unit, fixing elements; 1 warning lamp; incorporated key switch; 2 remote controls; infrared barrier; PVC rack - 4m more

Automatic Gate Opener for Sliding Gates Deimos BT

MEC 200 for sliding gates with heavy traffic is an electro-mechanical operator with built-in clutch, stoc switches and accident prevention devices, ideal for industrial purposes.

The operator is adaptable to fit different installations more

T-ONEKIT8T for sliding gates up to 800 kg

T-ONEKIT8T includes sliding gate operator with electronic control unit with built-in two-channel receiver, photocells, antenna, lamp and one remote control.

Recommended for 800 kg maximum gate weight.


Recommended products

Automatic Opener for Sliding Gates MyStrike 5 Automatic Opener for Sliding Gates MyStrike 5

Proteco MyStrike 5 - Automatic gate opener for sliding gates with remote control