Maintenance subscription "Silver"


Product code: BIT-Silver

Recommended for: hotels, embassies, big office buildings, logistic centers

Most frequently, our customer's wish is to have a door with minimal malfunctions, and if they occur, then to have a minimum downtime. The probability of a malfunction increases with traffic. Also the inconvenience created by the malfunction of the door is directly proportional with the traffic. For the customers with medium trafic and high-standing buildings, that need a minimum downtime, we have created the maintenance subscription "Silver". We have included all the spareparts in the subscription in order to avoid waiting the customer's approval for their replacement (which sometimes delays the repair for over one week). This way, our technicians replace the defective spare part automatically during the first visit, therefore reducing considerably the downtime of the door. We shortened the intervention time to 24h, excluding the weekend. We have also increased the phone support interval to 12h per day. The subscription price differs, of course, by the type of the door: garage, industrial, swing, sliding, automatic, revolving, gate openers, barriers, turnstiles, access control

Technical specifications
Revisions 2 / year
Service calls Unlimited
Service time 24h
Service interval Monday-Friday 09.00h - 17.00h
Spare parts Included
Over-the-phone support Monday-Friday 07.00h - 19.00h
Discount for other services 20%

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