Gate openers and hardware

Automatic Opener for Sliding Gates BIG

BIG series - automatic openeres for sliding gates manufactured by Tau, Italy, are especially produced and designed for heavy industrial sliding gates up to 4000 kg.

The automatic openers for sliding gates from BIG series are the following more

Automatic Opener for Sliding Gates MyStrike 5

Sliding gates opener Kit Proteco MyStrike 5 including: 230 V gear motor  with control unit, fixing elements; 1 warning lamp; incorporated key switch; 2 remote controls; infrared barrier; PVC rack - 4m more

PVC rack for sliding gates

Rack to be installed on sliding gates for automation. The material (PVC) ensures a silen operation of the gate.


Automatic Gate Opener for Sliding Gates Deimos BT

MEC 200 for sliding gates with heavy traffic is an electro-mechanical operator with built-in clutch, stoc switches and accident prevention devices, ideal for industrial purposes.

The operator is adaptable to fit different installations more

Automatic Opener for Swing Gates INSIDEKIT05

INSIDEKIT05 for swing gates up to 1.8m/leaf, with complete underground automation includes: underground 230V automation, photocells, control panel with built-in receiver, key switch, antenna, remote control and warning lamp. more

Automatic Opener for Swing Gates EASYKIT02

EASYKIT02 includes: 1 control unit; 2 electromechanical 230V motors; fixing plates; warning lamp; key switch; remote control; antenna; 2 sets of photocells. Easykit 02 is recommended for over 90 degrees openings.  more

T-ONEKIT8T for sliding gates up to 800 kg

T-ONEKIT8T includes sliding gate operator with electronic control unit with built-in two-channel receiver, photocells, antenna, lamp and one remote control.

Recommended for 800 kg maximum gate weight.


Hardware for swing gates

Pintle to be welded with horizontal adjustement, in zinked steel, CC2000LSR/22

Plate with horizontal adjustement, in zinked steel, PR/22

Bottom plate with pin for pintles, C200PS

Spring bolt in stainless steel, PIM

Applied more

Hardware for sliding gates

Zinked adjustable plate top guide with 2 rollers, SO2000/C2

Zinked adjustable plate top guide with 4 rollers, SO2000/C4

Zinked steel track to be cemented, 12mm x 3m, GR153CE

Zinked steel track to be fixed on the ground, more

Fadini Remote Control

Fadini Astro and Jubi remote controls operates on 433.92 MHz frequency, having a transmission range of over 120m.

These remote controls are available with 2 or 4 channels and emit a different secret code upon every pulse; the more

Automatic Gate Opener for Swing Gates Aster 3

Aster 3 Kit gate opener for Swing Gates is an automatic operator with remote control for swinging gates 

Aster 3 Kit for swinging gates includes: 1 control panel, 2 arms with a 230V motor, fixing elements, warning lamp, more

Automatic Gate Opener for Swing Gates Aster 4

Proteco Aster 4 - Gate openers for swing gates with remote control is an operator for automatic opening of swinging gates.

Kit Aster 4 Gate opener for swinging gates includes: 1 control unit; 2 arms with motor de 230V; fixing more

Automatic Operator for Swing Gates ORO BFT

ORO electro-hydraulic kit for swing gates up to 1.8m/leaf is a heavy traffic operator and includes: 2 230V electro-hydraulic motors with arm, control panel with built-in receiver, 2 remote controls, 1 set of more

4 Channels PROTECO Remote Control

4 Channels PROTECO Remote Control, 433 MHz is used for operating gate openers and garage doors more

TAU 250K Slim Remote Control

TAU remote controls have a range up to 200m in open air, are easy to be programmed and use up to 281.000 code combinations.

Tau remote controls have 2 or 4 transmitter channels abd use the 433.92 MHz frequency


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